We undertake surveys and develop schemes that help you to meet biodiversity requirements and planning objectives

Our work in this area sits well with our expertise in Arboricultural Impact Assessments and allows us to offer a holistic environmental service.

Ecological surveys

Bearwood Associates Ltd specialises in botanical surveys, NVC (National Vegetation Classification) and habitat surveying and mapping of all terrestrial habitats including grassland, woodland, lowland heathland, upland moorland, coastal and wetland. We are qualified to undertake surveys such as:

  • Phase 1 Habitat Mapping and Protected Species Surveys (also known as Extended Phase 1 Ecological Surveys)
  • Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

These surveys are the first step in establishing the impact of a proposed development on the surrounding environment and consider how any impact could be mitigated. They are an essential requirement in the planning process of any new development. We are skilled in undertaking such surveys and providing comprehensive, well-drafted reports that aid and support your application.

Environmental stewardship schemes

Entry Level Stewardship (ELS), Higher Level (HLS) Stewardship schemes and Farm Environment Plans (FEP) are agri-environment schemes that provide funding in England to help you deliver effective environmental management on your farmland. Our expertise in botanical survey and habitat management enables us to produce well-written and compelling reports that meet the requirements of the schemes and secure the funding you need.

Implementing the requirements of environmental surveys and schemes

In many cases, producing a report is simply the first step. We work with a network of associates and trusted experts and contractors to ensure that the requirements of the surveys are implemented successfully. As such, we provide a complete and holistic ecological project management service.

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