We provide a comprehensive tree safety management service to help you discharge your health and safety requirements

Arboricultural Impact Assessments (BS 5837:2012)

Arboricultural Impact Assessments (BS 5837:2012) are a specific requirement of local authorities when considering planning applications for new land developments. AIAs consider the effect that a development proposal will have on the trees on or near the site. The report will highlight any problems with the proposal in relation to the trees and suggest amendments and actions that may need to be taken to mitigate or avoid these problems.

We are qualified to carry out Arboricultural Impact Assessments and our experience covers everything from individual house developments to major road upgrades.

Visual Tree Assessments (VTAs) and Arborsonic Ultrasound Decay Detector (AUDD) assessments

We are qualified to undertake Visual Tree Assessments (VTAs). As the name suggests, VTAs are a visual inspection of a tree’s health as measured against clearly established norms. Suspected problems will be inspected further using tools such as an Arborsonic Ultrasound Decay Detector (AUDD) assessment to gauge the extent of the problem and establish mitigating actions. These assessments are vital for good health and safety management as well as being sound tree and land management practice.

We carry out VTAs and AUDDs for a wide variety of clients from managers of large private estates to homeowners wanting peace of mind on an individual tree.

Implementing the findings of Arboricultural Impact Assessments, Visual Tree Assessments and Arborsonic Ultrasound Decay Detector assessments

Assessments are only the first step on the journey. As well as providing information and advice, we can also implement the recommended actions on your behalf.

We have a network of trusted experts and extensive project management experience to give you the reassurance that the work will be delivered on time and on budget to the highest of standards.

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